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“I am impressed with the service and resourcefulness of Prego.  The organisation and quality of venue, layout and food was superb”

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Medieval Party Theme


Let us build you your very own Medieval Castle Courtyard complete with Drawbridge!  Or a Royal Banqueting Hall with Thrones at the Top Table!   Whether your guests are Knights or Peasants they will enjoy dancing the (k)night away surrounded by Traditional Tapestries, Armours and Merchant Imports of Fragrant Spices and Rich Silks!


Medieval Party Theme Ideas

Medieval Style Entertainment is wide and varied.  Watch Jugglers, Dancing & Players whilst listening to Drums, Harps & Lutes or be dazzled by Professional Jousting & Combat Displays. Get your guests involved with Traditional Medieval Games – you can always throw any complainers into some Medieval Stocks or even a Medieval Dungeon!



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Medieval Party Theme

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